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Ohio Tourism Day

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Ohio Tourism Day: 7 Fun Things To Do In Ohio

Today, May 21st, 2024, is Ohio Tourism Day!

If you missed today’s free event at Ohio Statehouse, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

This afternoon reports that there was “entertainment, demonstrations, interactive experiences and booths represented by Ohio’s tourism industry leaders”. For those visiting our wonderful state this free event would’ve been a good place to kick off your visit.

If you missed the memo, however, don’t fret, because we’re about to give you seven fun things to do in Ohio!

Whether you only like hanging out in the summer months, are looking for a good place to eat, or are simply a thrill-seeking tourist, Ohio has it all.

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Before we get started, let’s see if you know any of these interesting facts about Ohio!

  • Did you know that Ohio is called the Buckeye State because of the Buckeye tree? The nuts of the tree, commonly found in Ohio, look like a deer’s – or a buck’s – eye.
  • The capital city of Ohio is Columbus, which is also the state’s biggest city.
  • No one knows exactly where the name Ohio came from. However, it’s believed by many that it could be a variation of the word oyo, which to the Native Americans living in the area many years ago roughly meant “great river”. That river could be the Ohio River, which runs from Pennslyvania to Illinois.
  • Did you know that airplanes, chewing gum, light bulbs, vacuum cleaners, and more were all invented by Ohioans?

Do you know of any interesting facts that we missed? Feel free to drop them in the comments.

Keep scrolling to see seven fun things to do in Ohio!

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1. Ohio Has Over 80 Amusment & Water Park Destinations

The state of Ohio is a good one for adventurers! According to, our state hosts more than 80 destinations labeled as ‘amusement and water parks’. From Cedar Point up in Sandusky to Coney Island in Cincinnati, Ohio is a great place to test your might – and your will!

2. Ohio Is For Beer Drinkers

For those of age, Ohio is a tremendous place to sit back and pound some beer. Literally. With more than 300 breweries across the state, you’ll never struggle to quench your thirst with a tasty beer in the Buckeye State!

3. Historic Attractions Abound In Ohio

Ohio is a perfect place for history buffs to explore. With more than 500 destinations considered “historic attractions”, this midwest state has a lot to say about American history!

4. Museum Lovers Will Rejoice

Ohio is also a perfect place for those who love museums. From the Columbus and Cleveland Museums Of Art, to the Center Of Science And Industry, to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, if you’re looking to learn something Ohio has you covered!

5. Don’t Forget About The Wine

While Ohio’s breweries get a lot of (well deserved!) recognition, we can’t forget about the wineries! Ohio boasts more than 220 wineries across the state.

6. Bring Your Hiking Boots!

Ohio is home to more than Ohio parks and nature destinations. Whether you want to walk along the river, visit a historic great lake, or test yourself with a grueling trail, Ohio is a wonderful place to explore!

7. Zoos and Wildlife

From the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, to the Ohio Bird Sanctuary in Dublin, and even the Akron Zoo, you may not think about the wildlife in our midwest haven – but we have plenty of it to show off!