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Michael Jordan being in the news didn’t shock us but Lizzo getting sued was not on our 2023 Bingo Card. If you’re looking to get caught up on the latest celebrity news and gossip, we put together a list of shows that covered everything that went down this past week.


You might’ve missed Jason Lee revealing the behind-the-scenes look at the world of celebrity blogs on the Small Doses podcast with Amanda Seales. Then the crew from I Hate The Homies asks why Cardi B throwing a mic at her fans isn’t being covered as much as it should. This week on D.L. Hughley’s morning show, they spoke about Lizzo getting sued by three of her former dancers. If you missed it, check out these shows from The Urban One Podcast Network to catch up on everything that went down.

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1. “The D.L. Hughley Show” Lizzo Gets Sued By Her Former Dancers

D.L. and the crew have a lot to get into. On The Jazzy Report, Jasmine spoke about Lizzo being sued by three of her former dancers. The dancers are stating that Lizzo sexually harassed them at an adult entertainment club in Europe, being forced to do sexual acts they didn’t want to do. They dancers also claim that Lizzo was the cause of an hostile work environment, even body shaming them.

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2. “The Adult’ Hood Podcast” Who Is Pinkydoll & Her Internet Come Up

From bad date setups to obscure behavior that can make you some decent money, the internet can be a very crazy and hilarious place! This week, we talk about all the things that we’ve seen and analyze the World WILD Web- from PinkyDoll and NPC on Tiktok, to ice cream date invitations on Twitter. 

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3. “I Hate The Homies” DR J’s Words Chose Violence & Cardi B Throwing Mics At Fans

Is the great Julius Erving aka Dr. J starting to sound like an old dude? speaks his mind on new NBA players and puts out his top NBA players of all time and guess what… Lebron James, Steph Curry, and a few other players were left off his list. But the homies love it, why… because they might be old dudes too.

Also Cardi B had a drink thrown at her while performing and she threw the microphone back at them. Stay tuned to hear why nobody’s doing a full report on it. And Michael Jordan got out tipped by Wayne Gretzky

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4. “Small Doses” Side Effects of Gossip with Jason Lee

Since Lee made his debut in the public eye on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in 2015, his celebrity media company Hollywood Unlocked is now among the most cited sources for the latest celeb headlines.

The self-styled “culture critic” fell in love with the entertainment world as a foster kid growing up in Stockton, California.

Lee was active in workplace advocacy and community organizing before settling in Los Angeles and make his mark on Hollywood’s social scene.

His networking savvy and outspoken public persona gave him the edge he needed to draw attention to his brand and compete with similar outlets like Media Take Out and The Shade Room.

“I could unlock Hollywood in a way nobody can because I’m in it,” he says.

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5. “Is The Mic Still On” Ice Cube, Mitch McConnell, Carlee Russell, and Hunter Biden

The way politicians be in the news we might as well cover them too. The Dead End Media crew come together for their weekly show ‘Is The Mic Still On’ to bring you a raw and uncut conversation about the world today. Six voices – six different perspectives. ITMSO covers a wide range of topics from social issues to life lessons delivered through the same hilarious unfiltered voices that you’ve come to love and appreciate.

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