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New Year’s resolutions are basically an American pastime. Keep reading to see the ten most commonly broken resolutions!

Happy New Year!

Wait, we’re not quite there yet. Almost!

Every December most of us contemplate and strategize ways to better ourselves for the new calendar year. Some of us write these things down and put them in a place we look at every day. Like your office desk or refrigerator. Most of us, however, simply tell ourselves what we want to do differently… and hope for the best.

These new goals could be broad and general, like, ‘save more money’ or ‘exercise more’. Sometimes though they’re very specific, like reaching a target weight or securing a certain type of job.

No matter what you pick about yourself to improve, one thing is for sure, it’s going to take discipline and sacrifice to really make that ultimate difference.

According to News Wise, the most common reason for people breaking their resolutions boils down to one of three things: ‘There are many reasons why people may not keep New Year’s resolutions, but instances of New Year’s resolution burnout can be narrowed down to three psychology-related issues: difficulty breaking old habits, focusing on specific outcomes, and problems with purpose.’ You can read the entire News Wise report by [clicking here].

So which side do you fall on? Are you one to shoot for the stars when it comes to making resolutions for the new year? Or do you skip the practice altogether?

TIME put together a list of commonly broken New Year’s resolutions. Keep scrolling to check it out!

Here Are the 10 Most Commonly Broken New Year’s Resolutions  was originally published on

1. Lose Weight and Get Fit

Lose Weight and Get Fit Source:Getty

At no surprise, it seems as if the most commonly broken resolution is losing weight and getting fit. Experts suggest setting small, obtainable goals when it comes to working out. So instead of trying to drop 50 pounds in a month, maybe focus on working out to feel good instead.

2. Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking Source:Getty

If you’ve never smoked tobacco then you may not know how hard it is to drop the habit. But with all the research available to us today, it’s not hard to see that nicotine and tobacco products are terrible for your health. There are many tools designed to help smokers quit, such as stop-smoking programs and quitters’ blogs. 

3. Learn Something New

Learn Something New Source:Getty

There’s just something about the new year that puts us all in a learning mood. With all the new, at-home jobs and ways to make money, now is a great time to pick up a new skill. Just keep in mind that your schedule will be effected, so plan accordingly if you really want to stick out the learning process.

4. Eat Healthier

Eat Healthier Source:Getty

This kind of goes back to working out more and losing weight, but eating healthy food is just as important. While it’s easy to grab fast food for lunch when you’re out and about, try planning ahead and choosing healthier options to satisfy those midday cravings. 

5. Get Out of Debt and Save Money

Get Out of Debt and Save Money Source:Getty

Here’s the elephant of all elephants in the room. Saving money and developing better spending habits is a goal of many, and it’s easier said than done. Setting goals, eliminating expensive non-essential habits, and focusing on removing debt are great places to start when it comes to stacking your cash.

6. Spend More Time With Family

Spend More Time With Family Source:Getty

They say that ‘home is where the heart is’, and that’s certainly true. While it’s easy to get caught in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, sometimes it’s worth it to slow down and hang out with your loved ones. Being around family has been proven to literally be good for your heart, while also lowering stress and providing a sense of relief from the outside world. 

7. Travel More

Travel More Source:Getty

Traveling to new places is a goal of many, especially around the new year. Of course, if you struggle to save money then you may want to work on that first, but seeing the world is a great way to relieve stress and give you a more positive outlook on life. 

8. Be Less Stressed

Be Less Stressed Source:Getty

As more and more focus is dedicated to positive mental health, people are taking their stress levels into consideration. There are multiple things to do to help with having a positive outlook, including working out, eating healthy, and spending time with loved ones.

9. Volunteer More

Volunteer More Source:Getty

Volunteer work is said to have great benefits on the mind, and that’s why lots of folks talk about doing more of it with their New Year’s Resolutions. Great places to volunteer are animal shelters, hospitals, and homeless shelters.

10. Drink Less Alcohol

Drink Less Alcohol Source:Getty

While this may be difficult to start on New Year’s Day if you’re doing a lot of it on New Year’s Eve, cutting down your alcohol intake is undoubtedly a good decision for your health. If you commit to doing this as your resolution, you may want to remove any alcohol from your home, and consider dining at home rather than going out to eat – where it’s super easy to have a beer or glass of wine with your meal.