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5 Vibrant Destinations To Escape April Showers [TRAVEL DEALS]  was originally published on

1. The Bold & The Beautiful

The Bold & The Beautiful

For those spontaneous travelers looking to escape the rainy season, especially after a horrific winter, CheapOair has suggested the most colorful and happiest destinations around the globe to travel to. From Technicolor houses in Italy to flower-filled canals in France, the destinations are guaranteed to put a smile on any visitor’s face.

2. Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

The only place on this list you can hit without a passport–visiting Old San Juan is like taking a step back in time. A small island that’s both a part of and totally separate from the Puerto Rican capital, Old San Juan features brightly painted buildings, cobblestone streets, and lovely beaches. Yes please!

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3. Burano, Italy

Burano, Italy

Burano is the brightest town in Italy. Legend has it that the town’s colorful roots come from its fishermen, who painted their houses in Technicolor so they’d be easy to see through the fog. So that’s how you get your family to agree to painting the house fuchsia.

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4. Oia in Santorini, Greece

Oia in Santorini, Greece

Perched on a Santorini cliff top, this village is as charming as it gets. Complete with vineyards and donkeys, visiting Oia (pronounced EE-yah) will pretty much make you feel like you stepped into a postcard. Also, please jump into the Mediterranean, “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” style. Thank you.

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5. Colmar, France

Colmar, France

The capital of Alsatian wine, visiting Colmar is like stepping into a Disney movie of sunshine and rainbows. It’s filled with flower-lined canals, tiny boats, a nightly light show, and even a miniature train. A MINIATURE TRAIN! How. Cute. Is. That.

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6. Juzcar, Spain – AKA Smurf Town

Juzcar, Spain – AKA Smurf Town

I kid you not—the producers of “The Smurfs” movie talked the 250 people who live in this teeny, tiny town, to let them paint every single building blue. Bonus points if you make friends with Papa Smurf while you’re there.

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