Do your remember the first time you were called the N-word? I’m sure it was a moment that stings and one that you remember quite vividly in your mind. Furthermore, the worst part is that the first time someone called you the N-word, is most likely not the last time. Twitter user @shutupaida posted on her Twitter page, “Every Black kid has a very strong memory of the first time they got called the N-word. Twitter, watch this.”

That’s all she said and the post got 10.8K retweets and 54.6K likes in less than two days. Aida shared first, “A @Walgreens employee called me the n word when I opened a package of batteries to see if they would fit in my camera. I was 8. I was going to but them regardless.”

After that, the Tweets just kept pouring in with Black Twitter users reflecting on the first time the got called the N-word as a child. No surprising, all of these accounts are from either white adults or white children, who most likely heard their parents or guardian using the word in their home or casually in a sentence.

The most disturbing part of these accounts are the accounts were people were reporting long term depression, anxiety, and more. Just horrible.

Keep reading to hear the accounts from 21 Twitter users. Beauties, when was the first time someone called you the N-word? Share with us in the comment section.


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