The  music group Magic had a big 2014 with  their much sung song ‘Rude’. It was the ultimate proposal song. The chorus was catchy.  Well,…

New years bring new opportunities. For many, new jobs is definitely part of a new year. Share these 4 things and you will be on the  right path.  You…

  Two years ago, I had the opportunity to meet with Congressman John Lewis in his Capitol Hill office. I listened intently as he recounted an important moment in American history: crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala. That Sunday became known as Bloody Sunday, a day when Black marchers in Selma who were […]

The conversation about the need to fully include people of color in America’s economic growth has shifted, in many ways, from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. That shift is reflected in the theme of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s 18th Annual Wall Street Project Economic Summit, which is “Where Wall Street, Main Street & Silicon Valley Converge.” The […]

George Zimmerman has landed in trouble with the law for the sixth time since he was acquitted in Trayvon Martin‘s shooting death. If it wasn’t already clear, this guy just doesn’t know how to not be an absolutely awful person. The Associated Press reports that the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department apprehended George last night around […]

Spend time with like-minded Christian married couples. Notice I said like-minded. Which means, a married couple that exemplifies Christ’s viewpoint on what marriage should look like- a husband who loves his wife and a wife that submits to her husband. No they will not be perfect but they can give you both a real world […]

Trust the Process! What does this mean? Courting each other and preparing for marriage it is a process, a process that you have to give completely over to God. You don’t want to force anything or have to create something from nothing. You want the process of falling in love to be led by God […]

  Even Jimmy Fallon’s excited over the Buckeyes vs. Ducks game coming up Monday! Last night, he again staged his “Puppies Predict” segment. READ MORE: Article Courtesy of WJW Fox 8 News Picture and Video Courtesy of YouTube, NBC and WJW Fox 8 News