2016 DNC Watch Party  ~ The city of Brotherly Love will declare more than liberty on Tuesday, July 26, 2016when a convergence of trendsetters, elected officials, labor and civil rights leaders descend upon the city and partake in the DogonVillage.com DNC Watch Party 2016 Democratic National Convention ~  DNC Watch Party. Heralded as the ‘must attend’ […]

We need to keep praying! More police officers have become victims of gun violence, this time in Baton Rouge. This story is developing, but below is what CNN is reporting as of now. — A man with a gun opened fire on officers — At least seven are shot — At least three of the […]

Sparks could fly at the Republican convention. Here are five things to look for.


According to Fox 28 Columbus, Columbia Gas says their lines are not the source in the explosions at an apartment complex. In a statement, Columbia Gas said it did a thorough check of its main and service lines and confirmed they are not the source and are safe. A spokeswoman also said they had no […]

For many in America, this week began with a celebration of our nation’s independence from Great Britain. Ironically, as the week comes to an end, many of us are mourning the division that’s currently permeating the United States, resulting from the death of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and now, several officers in Dallas. I am hurting. For every […]

GETTY IMAGE: The first black woman crowned Miss Alabama is standing by a controversial video in which she called the Dallas gunman a “martyr,” but admits it was a poor choice of words. Speaking to Inside Edition Tuesday, Kalyn Chapman James said she was emotional while recording the video, which made her the target of national backlash. “I do wish […]

getty images: The National Civil Rights Museum says it will bestow its annual Freedom Award on journalist Soledad O’Brien, civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump and three others. The Memphis-based museum gives its Freedom Award each year for work in the advancement of civil and human rights. Other winners announced Wednesday are U.S. Court of […]

Enough is enough… we’ve been hearing that constantly for a week now after the death of Alton Sterling, Philadro Castile and the five Dallas Police Officers.  So where do we go from here? Radio One teamed up with many prominent people from our community, elected officials, representatives from Columbus and Westerville Police Department and New Birth Christian […]

  According to ABC6 an apartment complex off Brice Road just north of Livingston Ave in the1700 block of Century City West around 9 p.m.  The complex caught on fire after a series of explosions at the complex maintenance building.  No reports of any injuries but a lot of families have been displaced. It is […]