And the sales are in! Check out what the TOP 5 Gospel Artists sold and see where their albums charted on Billboard’s Top Gospel Album chart below… Grace – “Grace” Chart position: #1 First week sales: 1,967 Songflo Creatives – “Bring Back the Hymns″ Chart position: #2 First week sales: 1,797 Donnie McClurkin – “The Journey (Live)” Chart position: #3 Weekly […]

If you love the updated sound of the theme song for ABC’s talk show “The View,” you have a California-based man of God to thank for that. Producer Warryn Campbell, pastor of California Worship Center in North Hollywood, also husband of Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell, produced it. “World’s Gone Crazy,” written by Emmy nominee Diane […]

Washington Football Hall of Famer Darrell Green criticized Robert Griffin III’s personal choices on a well-known Sports show Wednesday morning. A little more than 24 hours later, RG3 fired back. It all stemmed from Green expressing disappointment in the way Griffin is handling his divorce from college sweetheart Rebecca Liddicoat, with whom he shares an infant […]

Columbus Public Health officials said they expect the crypto outbreak to get worse, before it gets better. The numbers are soaring as people are heading into the unofficial end of pool season. Crypto is a germ that causes diarrhea. It is found in the fecal matter of a person who has been infected. Public health […]

In this edition of the True Hollywood Bible Stories, Kirk Franklin guest stars in the role of Jesus Christ in the retelling of Matthew 14:22, when Jesus walked on water to help his disciples weather a terrible storm. Kirk, Erica Campbell & GRIFF join forces to tell the story of how just after Jesus helped […]

Erica Campbell delivers this Ericaism with BJ The Chicago Kid by her side! She talks about going out of the way to help other people, and going beyond just helping people when it’s convenient to do so. She says she thinks part of the reason she has been so blessed is because of her personal […]

Charles Jenkins joins Erica Campbell and GRIFF live onstage! He breaks down the story of what exactly inspired him to write his newest single, “Winning.” He says it came to him in the middle of the night, when he was reminded of the part of the bible where Paul says not to let our problems […]

Diddy said politicians need to understand the power of the Black vote and offered a strategy to evoke political action and change.