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So just last week or maybe a week before I did a video about the lost of my brother, and how his death forever impacted my life, and till this day, 12 years later I still grieve his death. The reality of it is that VOID of that missing person will NEVER be filled, and I don’t feel as if you should try to fill it but accept the truth and Continue to Grieve as you know how.

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After 12yrs I can finally talk about losing my brother (Carnell JR) without breaking down and crying. I still have no idea why God took him at age 19. Losing the sibling I was closest to, took me all the way out, for a While. Day by day as time has gone by it has gotten a bit easier but I will ALWAYS miss my Big Bro and when I have time or feel the need to grieve his death. I Will! Memories help keep his presence alive. Talking about him is easier. He was Real did exist and has taken the next transition in life. I am thankful for the time he was here and the time my family got to have such a goofy, intelligent, protector in our lives! I love you Carnell JR!! #healed #grieving #healingafterdeath

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Just wanted to share my story because just like Vanessa Bryant and so many others, losing someone we LOVE is never EASY, but its always good to remember that they did Exist and we have to be gladder the time we got to have them on this earth.

Here Vanessa Bryants opens up about her feelings, on losing Kobe and her GiGi.

May we all find the peace, solace, and clarity in the losing of our loved ones. Know that no day is promised to No Man, be grateful to be here, and live it up!

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