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Here’s the deal. On last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore revealed some shady information in an indirect way. She low key mentioned that Tanya’s man had exchanged numbers with another woman. Obviously, the implication was that Tanya’s man may have been cheating on her. Kenya never revealed to Tanya directly that it was her man in question but Tanya figured it out. It was too obvious with how they were addressing her. So, Tanya, in an act of what she felt was adequate vengeance, revealed to Cynthia, Porsha, Marlo and Kandi that Kenya Moore was wearing a wig at some point while they were in Toronto. Later on, Marlo thought it would be a good idea to blow up Kenya’s spot about the wig in her own act of vengeance. Kenya reluctantly admitted that she sometimes wears a wig but this isn’t really new news. They all wear wigs and pieces and it really is okay.

Wigs are a great protective style. They are a way to be versatile with your hair without damaging your real how. Now, in Kenya’s case, I understand why some people are giving her the side eye because prior to last night, she never mentioned her wig use and even had the audacity to shade other women in the cast for their hair choices. Most recently, she made fun of Marlo’s edges. Remember when she busted up Marlo’s hair care event with her own band promoting Kenya Moore Hair Care?  That was tacky.

Kenya has also been adamant to viewers and anyone who’d ask about how her hair is real and would never mention incorporating wigs into her routine. She even let Andy root her. She also let Wendy Williams root her. It’s obvious that her own hair is long and full, which is genetic. But Kenya is also smart, and she knows that from a marketing standpoint, it makes her claims about her hair care products promoting the same health and fullness that she has naturally look ridiculous.  It probably won’t because her fans love her and will continue to support, but there is a still small chance that it could.

As far as Tanya thinking this information she dropped was a major bombshell, it wasn’t. It was a nice try but seriously, who really believed that Kenya never wore wigs outside of Andy and white viewers who know nothing about Black hair?


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