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It is required by law to fill one out and to do so properly.


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Yup, it’s that time again to let the government know more of your business. Seriously, the government will be sending census paperwork to all households this year.

The government is giving people three ways to fill it out: by mail, by phone or online.

You may also see the census people walking around your neighborhood verifying yours and your neighbor’s addresses. This is to make sure everybody receives the paperwork to fill out. Everybody should have paperwork by April 1st.

How do you count who “lives” in your household? According to 10TV when it comes to children, “any kids, kids of relatives, foster kids, even kids living with you temporarily by April 1st are to be counted.”

What about newborns? If they are born before or on census day and are in the hospital they are to be counted. Newborns born after April 1st do not need to be counted.

What about kids in college? They will be counted as the college/university’s campus residents. Not at home.

How can you make sure a census worker is legit? They will NEVER ask for your FULL social security number, ask for money or bank information, or ask for your mother’s maiden name. Census workers will and should be carrying a valid ID badge. If someone says they are a census worker ALWAYS ask to see their ID badge.

For more information about how to fill out the census, FAQs, and ID badges of census workers go to

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