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“And she often reminded me that those four kids of mine were my church. With that in mind, I had to refocus on my ministry…I had been given four very special projects that would have to be seen through to completion. Someone had to instill godly principles in my children’s lives, and God let me know that I was the woman for the job.” ― Lois Evans, Seasons of a Woman’s Life

“Yes, we need to be active Christians, walking through doors that are open to us. But sometimes we break the doors down, say they were already open, and even use God’s name to defend ourselves, defiling his character with misinterpretations of His word. We do these things to meet her own needs instead of trusting Him.” ― Lois Evans, Seasons of a Woman’s Life

“If God showed us the whole journey, we’d never take the first step.” ― Lois Evans

“The pastor’s wife, years ago, was the ‘sacrificer,’ the one who gave, the one who was just ‘there’. She was in charge of decorations and the women’s ministry. Today, pastors’ wives are partnering with their husbands in key areas of ministry. They are using their gifts, education and skills that they might have used in the market place.” ― Lois Evans

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Dr. Lois Evans In Her Own Words:  was originally published on praisecleveland.com