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Jennifer Lopez at Grammy Awards

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If we were to discuss the top 10 outfits of our lifetime, there would be a few moments that stick out like a sore thumb. No one can forget Lil Kim’s mermaid-inspired jumpsuit. We’ve never looked at satin PJ’s the same after TLC rocked them in their infamous ‘Creep” video. And then of course there was the iconic Versace dress worn by Jennifer Lopez at the 2000 Grammy Awards show. The low-cut, high-slit gown essential put the singer on the map when it came to fashion.

Fashion Nova is known for recreating high-end pieces at an affordable price point. Over the years, they’ve capitalized off of this formula, despite the occasional legal woes they’d run into for rapidly ripping off original garments. If you thought they learned their lesson when Kim Kardashian sued the brand for recreating custom designs that she posted to her Instagram account, think again.

On Monday, luxury retail brand Versace filed a lawsuit against Fashion Nova for recreating the iconic jungle-print Grammys dress. According to the complaint filed in a New York Federal court, “Fashion Nova’s ability to churn out new clothing so quickly is due in large part to its willingness to copy the copyrighted designs, trademarks and trade dress elements of well-known designers, and trade on their creative efforts in order to bolster [its own] bottom line.”

The jungle print dress, among others, have been blatantly recreated and sold on the Fashion Nova website. It is not abnormal for designers to share the same trend in their collections. Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and other luxury brands create clothing with a similar theme and brands like Zara and H&M loosely copy them and market it at an affordable price point. What makes Fashion Nova problematic is that there is no loose interpretation. They directly copy pieces that will make them a large profit. This practice is no different from stealing beats and hooks in music or directly copying written work. Original work should never be duplicated for a profit.

Fashion Nova has not publicly responded to the lawsuit but my assumption is that they’re highly unbothered by it. This isn’t their first time in the legal rodeo. Their high-profile collaboration with Cardi B and influencer-based marketing strategies might be enough to keep the brand afloat for now. Still, if they continue to directly recreate fashion concepts, they might find themselves going out of business – and soon.

What do you think? Is Fashion Nova wrong for recreating luxury brands?


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