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lady and the tramp

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Disney has been showing off all 2019 and bringing magic to real life with their live action flicks like The Lion King and Aladdin. And in about two weeks, you can add Lady and the Tramp to the list of live action Disney remakes that made you experience the bliss of your childhood imagination IRL.

We got a chance to visit the Savannah, Georgia set of the Charlie Bean directed film last year, and hung out with the phenomenal and eclectic cast and crew — including three of the stars of the movie, Kiersey Clemons, Thomas Mann and Yvette Nicole Brown. The live action version of the classic film tells a similar story to the original Disney version:

An upper-middle-class American cocker spaniel named Lady who meets a streetsmart, downtown stray Schnauzer called the Tramp, and the two embark on many romantic adventures including that iconic spaghetti smooch scene.”

However, this time around, the cast is much more diverse in race and age. Thomas and Kiersey play a young couple with a little baby living a super adult life. Thomas told us about landing the role:

I was super excited because I never been apart of a Disney before and I was huge fan of Lady and the Tramp as a kid. So obviously it was a no brainer. But I was like ‘Ugh, there’s probably gonna be a lot of guys trying out for this.’ And I also thought I was too young. But obviously that wasn’t the case. I only had to audition one time, then I got it after that. And Kiersey was cast just before me so it was amazing that they put us together. We’re both so young, living this adult life.

He even had to grow a mustache for the role.

As for Kiersey, she fell in love with the real stars of the film as soon as she began filming.

I love the dogs! We cuddle a lot. I would love to take Tramp home, but all the dogs have homes I think Rose (the pup that plays Lady) and I bonded. She runs this set. I can tell when she’s not into it that day. She knows this is her movie. I have lots of respect for Rose.

She also dished on how she made her character Darling Dear a little different from the 1955 version:

I made her a little assertive. I’m using my imagination alot with like the times, and this fantasy world of it being Disney. And her being this young woman of color. She wears the pants in the relationship and it’s been fun.

Fun Facts: 

It took about sixteen weeks to train the pups for their roles.

All the pups were rescues before being adopted after filming wrapped. 

The city of Savannah was another major star of the movie, according to Yvette Nicole Brown: “There’s a certain magic to this city. I think Atlanta would’ve been too big for this movie. The production design looks exactly like 1910. It was very cool to go back in time for a few days.”

Just in time for the holidays, Disney is giving us that little spark of joy, magic and wonder that we all need at this time. Catch Lady and the Tramp in theaters on November 12. Tell them we sent you!

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