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When it comes to promoting healthy hair, there are so many myths and theories about growing textured hair. Some hair mavens will say that time, patience and a solid hair regimen is all you need, while others would say that a healthy diet is the way to go. While there are plenty of ways to grow your hair out, there is one option that continues to be a hot topic: hair supplements.

And we’ve seen them all! From well known hair brands like The Mane Choice and Hairfinity creating their own hair vitamins, it leaves us wondering if these hair supplements actually work?

As someone who uses hair vitamins regularly, I would have to say that they do work, but all brands are not created equal. The truth is, hair supplements comes in handy for anyone looking to grow their hair, it’s all about finding the right brand for you. But like most hair mavens and nutritionists believe, these supplements can help you achieve long tresses, but only in conjunction with a healthy diet.

Many hair supplements contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that nourish your body, specifically your hair cells. “What we eat influences our hair in many ways,” nutrition health coach Maria Marlowe tells Well + Good. “Lacking certain nutrients can slow hair growth, leave it weak and dull, and contribute to both dandruff and hair loss.”

Using hair supplements is a personal choice, but we recommend consulting with your doctor before taking any vitamins. There is always a risk with taking any vitamins so you want to make sue that everything checks out.


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