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Wait With Patience | Faith Walking

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I’m sure we’ve all seen the movie. Are we there yet? And I’m sure if you have children, you’ve had someone ask you that question at some point in life. Are we there yet? Waiting is not something I enjoy. I don’t think many of us enjoy it, but it’s something that we are called to do. I can imagine someone waiting on the baby to come, or waiting on the wedding to come, or waiting on the new job, or waiting on the husband, or whatever you’re waiting on, how you wait is so important.  


Some people wait and the whole time they’re waiting. Let’s begin against the very thing that they want. It ain’t gonna be right. It ain’t gonna never come. Oh, it’s taking too long is it like they wait with a bunch of doubt, and I believe that you don’t. You don’t receive the way God intended for you to receive if you precede the blessing with doubt.  


I think when you get your heart in the position to wait with great expectation when you receive the blessing, there is the joy of the Lord, not about time. Not finally not took you long enough, but with a good spirit. We wait on God. We trust in God. I love, for God is really what makes us love with patience. 


Because if we love him and we trust him, and we believe him, that we don’t believe this is some  colossal trick, we don’t believe that it’s going to go left. And that God does not have good intentions for us. So we wait with expectation, we wait and praise God. We wait and give God glory. We wait and prepare ourselves for what God has prepared for us, a call to worship. We say, Lord, prepare me for what you have prepared for me. Some things just take time and there’s nothing you can do about it. But if you wait on the Lord, if you be strong, if you take courage, if you wait on God, if you trust him, if you patiently wait and fret, not over the one who looks like they’re prospering. If you wait on the Lord and you don’t stress over someone who you think got it before you, that you deserve. Here’s what I know. God knows my address. He knows where I am. He knows what I’m prepared for. He knows what I can handle. 


And knows what I cannot handle and I don’t ever think God is in heaven going. I could bless her, but somebody else took her blessing. So I’m gonna go for what’s mine, there’s a blessing with my name on it. It’s going to come when it’s supposed to come. And in the meantime, God will be preparing me. I’ll prepare my heart, my mind, my environment, to receive all that he has. Because ain’t nothing like getting something that you can’t handle, something that you’re not prepared for. So while you know that God has a plan for your life according to Jeremiah 29:11, prepare your heart. Prepare your mind and wait patiently. Wait on the Lord. That is my faith. Walk for the day, ladies and gentlemen. Love you, and I mean it. 





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