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Source: Darrell Owens | LegacyMaker Sports Network / Darrell Owens | LegacyMaker Sports Network

While there haven’t been any major upsets that would destroy your brackets just yet in the NCAA Tournament, there is still just ONE perfect bracket remaining out of tens of millions of brackets filled out.

And that bracket is right here in Columbus!

Gregg Nigl, a neuropsychologist in Columbus, is the only man who made the right pick in all 48 tournament games played thus far and the first person to do so according to the NCAA.

Nigl who said he almost missed out on the bracket because he was sick, has been a media sensation since Sunday.

“It was the fourth one I filled out, the last one I filled out, and I was very close to going back to bed and I took some cold medicine and I almost didn’t fill it out and I just did it on my phone, really quick, kind of mashed it out with other ones that I filled out, with some changes,” Nigl said.

How did he get a perfect bracket thus far? Simple he says; watch a lot of Big Ten basketball (including his favorite team: Michigan).

“I’m pretty comfortable picking the Big Ten schools, but a lot of the other ones, there are so many games in college basketball, you can’t see them all, so I definitely record Bracketology on Selection Sunday every year and watch that and, again, I usually fill out two to three brackets every year, I know there is a core set of teams and I’m gonna pick all three or all four and there’s a few that I think can go either way and I just do variations,” he said.

According to the NCAA, the odds of achieving what Nigl did are about 1 in 281,474,976,710,656.

We will keep track of how perfect he remains thru the Sweet 16 as his picks for the Elite Eight are Gonzaga, Tennessee, Michigan, Virginia, Michigan State, UNC, Duke, and Kentucky.


Columbus man holds ONLY perfect March Madness bracket in the world!  was originally published on mycolumbuspower.com