Drivers shelling out money to fix damage due to potholes.

These potholes are a pain in Columbus driver’s asses! I know every time I hit one on the road I pray to God I didn’t mess my car up. So far I have been lucky (knock on wood) but many drivers haven’t been.

The people over at Inside Wheel Professionals in east Columbus can cosign this as they are fully booked daily due to numerous wheel repairs.

“I think we’re doing 15 to 20 wheels a day,” says owner Hakim Hashim.

Last year the city used 6,000 tons of asphalt to fill potholes. During winter months over 400 complaints were reported about potholes. In total, the city received over 2,900 calls to fix potholes.

Is it just me or is the many roads and freeways that received new asphalt now covered with potholes? These potholes like the problems that cause them just won’t go away.

Source: 10TV

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