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griff's prayer

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So I was running some errands yesterday and I realized that I needed to go to the FedEx place to take care of some paperwork, and I was trying to find one that was closer to my house. But I heard this little nudge. I felt this little nudge in my heart to go to this one that I usually go to. It’s a little further from my house, so I kind of didn’t want to, but I went anyway. 


When I went in there, I walked in and this young lady who was behind the desk, her eyes got big and her mouth opened. And she was there, and you could tell she was with her boss and another employee and they were getting some instructions. But she recognized me. So I went on and went to take care of what I needed to take care of and couldn’t figure it out. So I had to get some help. And the manager came over to help me. And then the young lady came over to help me. And she just said I can’t believe that I’m standing in front of you. She was like, you have no idea what this means. And then tears begin to fill in her eyes. And she was like I’ve been waiting on God and and her words were kind of jumbled and she was overwhelmed. So I just grabbed her and hugged her and started praying for her and saying whatever God told me to say to her, and when I finished praying with her, of course there were more tears and she just said thank you. And so after she finished helping me do what I needed to do. 

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At the at the printing place. I asked her how could I pray for her and she said, you know, I’m just trying to find my purpose. I’m just trying to make the right choices and do the right things. And I told her that Jesus will always give you an opportunity to be like him. I said, if you’re ever trying to figure out purpose, we all have the same purpose as believers. And that is to tell somebody else. About Jesus, I told her that your gift will open the door for your purpose. I told her that I thought that my that singing was my purpose. Singing is my gift. My purpose is telling people about Jesus and we all have the same purpose. We may do it different ways, but we all have the same purpose. And so she begin to talk about some things that she does well and and how she wasn’t connecting the two. And I said God is a strange, yet beautiful way of giving us an opportunity to be like him, to be gracious like him, to be kind like him. 


And to tell the world that he’s coming. And so she was a very, very sweet girl. I asked her if I could take a picture with her because those kind of moments remind me that God speaks even in the smallest things, and that I was in the right place at the right time, and I wasn’t supposed to go to the other store. That was closer to my house. I was supposed to drive a little further away. And I told her I didn’t just come here for these printouts. I came here for you. I came here to pray for you and to talk to you. And I love. I love when God makes deposits in people’s lives. 


Like that and just grateful to meet that young lady. I’m still praying for her. And so for you who are listening right now, maybe you are trying to figure out your purpose. Just start with telling people about Jesus. We all have that same job. Or maybe you’re on the other side of it. Maybe you’re supposed to pray for people. Or maybe you’re supposed to encounter somebody and God has you at the right time at the right place, make sure your heart is always open to when God wants to have a moment in your life. And Griff has the joys and concerns. Up next I was so moved by meeting that Lady yesterday, guys, because I really didn’t want to go to that particular place. But I love when obedience shows up like that in my life. I’ll go here and you follow the Holy Spirit is urging you and you go and you realize, oh, that was you.

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