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ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' - Season Five

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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder finds Nate, Bonnie, and Frank scrambling come up with a plan to cover up Miller’s murder. Frank is convinced they’re going to get caught and that’s definitely a good point because later on in the episode, Nate reveals that he accidentally left a ring on Miller’s body. Anyway, Frank wants to rope Annalise into this because she always has the answers. Nate doesn’t want to go to Annalise because he feels she has dealt with enough, which is true. She nearly killed herself trying to save everyone around her. For now, Nate is the mastermind.

In other news, Frank calls Eve, but Annalise picks up the phone, so he makes plans with Annalise to bring over the Gabriel file since they’re all in that situation together. They’re trying to figure out how to keep Gabriel in check in the event that he’s trying to reopen Sam’s case, as they suspect. In other news, Eve claims she’s there in the first place because she’s concerned about Annalise, especially since she was the one who hacked Sam’s email back in the day and found the letter to his ex. Annalise wants her to go home because you know she likes to pretend that everything is all good, but Eve is hip to game. Annalise be fronting.

Now, this is the part where Nate and Bonnie tell Asher that Nate killed Miller. They rope him into their plans of a coverup, which sucks for Asher because he actually likes Miller. However, Nate and Bonnie firmly believe that Miller double-crossed them. Asher doesn’t want to believe it but he goes along with their plans anyway. He kind of has no choice.

Gabe comes through Michaela’s house with the nerve to look for answers in what happened to Sam. He doesn’t buy the story that Wes is responsible. Of course, the whole crew is there and they’re looking at him like:

Gabe reveals that he is Sam’s son, as if they didn’t know that already, and tells them about his meeting with Annalise. Laurel is triggered and the rest of them bring up a good point—why does he care so much about a man he never met? He doesn’t really have an answer, but it’s time for him to go. He apologizes and then leaves, but the damage has already been done.

By now the DA’s office has launched an investigation into Miller’s whereabouts since it has been 36 hours since anyone has seen him. Bonnie gets questioned as predicted. Meanwhile, Nate is sitting in a parking lot lurking…and he snaps again. He’s triggered by the sight of one of the officers who shot his pops, so he goes and beats the breaks off of him. This could be two-fold, partly to cover up for his swollen hands from killing Miller but also because he wanted to fade that cop for killing his dad anyway. Nate obviously gets questioned by the FBI after this. This was going to happen anyway because he looks like a suspect no matter what. Nate anticipated this so his move is to pin Miller’s murder on the guards since Miller ordered the inquest on them.

All this time, Michaela has been putting together a case to sue the State for Wrongful Death for Nate Sr.’s murder…despite the fact that Nate Jr. demanded that she stay out of his life. But, Michaela is going to Michaela.

Anyway, she gives the paperwork to Tegan citing that Annalise would be too busy to do it. Tegan is obviously not fond of Michaela and giving her the side eye, but Michaela says this is a good way to get the board to love her again. That’s when Tegan starts to listen. Tegan says she’ll think about it, which means there’s hope.

Back to Bonnie. Bonnie goes to another DA who had a wiretap on Warden Sykes and asks for a favor. She puts the bug in his ear that it could be Warden Sykes who killed Miller so she wants to hear some phone conversations. Favor granted, but hold that thought.

Annalise presents some incriminating information to Gabe about his mother. Her point is to silence him for the sake of “protecting his mother.”

Later on, Gabe gets a call from the FBI because they have a question about a voicemail he sent to DA Miller. GABE WAS WORKING WITH MILLER!

This when we cut back to that scene we saw last week where Gabe leaves a message for someone saying, “I screwed up, call me back.”

By now, news of Miller’s disappearance is actually all over the news. At this moment, we find Asher arriving at the house only to find the crew watching. Asher’s silly self tries to play it off like he didn’t know what was going on but like, they’re not stupid. How could he not know when he works at the DA’s office?!

They grill him and it’s not hard to get him to admit that Nate killed Miller.

At this time, we find Nate visiting Annalise, explaining his master plan. Basically, he wants to set the governor up for killing Miller. This is quite the lofty plan so you know Annalise is going to let Nate have it. Because there’s always the possibility that Miller really didn’t do what Nate thinks he did. We’ll get back to that next week.

Finally, Bonnie listens to the messages she got a hold of and she hears Miller’s message in question. It seems like he did call about the transfer, but he sounded very pleasant, as he mentioned wanting to make it as smooth as possible because Nate Sr is a good guy. Again, it sounded like an innocent call, but you still never know with this show. Not everything is as it seems.

See you next week.


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