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I’m starting to have a love/ hate relationship with social media, so it doesn’t surprise me that a study shows that it is being linked to depression. According to Fox 28, a new medical study recently published indicates the constant need for “likes” and “love” on social media could lead to depression.

Researches say that giving too much time and attention to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook can ultimately take a toll on your mental health.

recent study in the “Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research” indicates the constant need for love and attention on social media can actually lead to mental breakdowns and depression in millennials, but I would say that applies to anyone who is spending a substantial amount of time on social media.

I remember when social media was just another way to socialize and connect with people in your area and across the world. Now, it’s all about likes, comments, followers and has become a place filled with false realities.

The pressure to look important or appear to be connected to celebrities is at an all-time high.

Experts indicated that the best way to avoid social media “blues” is to put more value in the actual interactions you have with family and friends.

Another thing experts say you should try to remember, don’t compare yourself with people you follow on social media platforms. That’s due in part because there’s a good chance that perfect picture you see online may not actually be the reality.

I’ve decided to use social media as a way to track my personal growth, get inspired by others and a place to showcase my real life. How do you use social media? Leave a comment on our Facebook page or tag us a Joy1071 on Instagram and Facebook.

Click here to check out the full study.