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I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about the Lifetime documentary about R Kelly. The 3 night docu-series covers claims for the 90’s, 00’s and recent accusations. Sexual allegations, sex tapes and cover ups have swirled around him for over two decades, yet he has never been convicted of a crime.

This series made me reflect on where I was when the infamous tape of him urinating on and having explicit sex with an underage girl. I was working as an intern at a music agency in New York City. I came in for work like any other morning and the entire staff was huddled around a computer watching something. All of their faces were in disbelief. I had the opportunity to walk over and see it as well, but after hearing what was on the tape, something in me just didn’t want to see it. I mean this was R. Kelly, singer of the song, “I Believe I Can Fly'” which was played at my graduation. His music was the soundtrack of my late teens and early twenties. I honestly didn’t know how to feel. Oh and then there’s the relationship he had with Aaliyah…so now I began to wonder were they really in love like we all thought or was she being taken advantage of? I had so many conflicting feelings and thoughts.

After hearing that R. Kelly was sexually abused as a child, a part of me feels like he is a victim who never got the help he needed. I am no way condoning what he has done, however, I began tho think about all of the R. Kelly’s walking around. They are in our families, churches, work places and if we are honest, many of us were told about or witnessed similar situations. Furthermore, many of us are victims as well, carrying around all of that baggage that we have never talked about or sought help for. I believe this docu-series is also an opportunity for us to look at ourselves and within our communities to see how we can help educate and support so that future generations can have a different narrative.  What are your thoughts? What should happen to R. Kelly now? Leave a comment on our Facebook page.