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There is currently a series being filmed on the killing of Eric Garner, titled “The Fifth Boro.” But production stopped this weekend when a handful of onlookers reportedly attacked the actors filming the chokehold death scene at the exact location where Garner was killed by police on July 17, 2014.

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According to The New York Daily News, James Russo, Anthony Mangano and Mark John Jefferies, best known for his roles in “Losing Isaiah” and “Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” were filming a scene on Thursday where the two white actors wrestle Jefferies to the ground. It was unclear if Jeffries plays Garner because the IMDB page for the film says he his role is a character named Drey.

While filming, “a bottle came soaring onto the set, aimed at Jefferies, who said the projectile missed his feet by ‘about 8 inches.’”

Jefferies told the New York Daily News, “They were just being ignorant and I don’t have time for that. We were literally about to roll and one of them threw a bottle in my direction.” Jefferies said he approached the person who threw the bottle and yelled, “If you don’t like it, you can get the F out of here.”

Director Steve Stanulis, a former Staten Island cop, decided to no longer film at the location where Garner was killed. He also claimed, according to the New York Daily News, that he wasn’t aware that was the location where Garner was killed.

Sounds like Stanulis and his team need to do some better research if they are recreating the controversial police killing and aren’t even aware they are at the location where he died.


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