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A new segment “No Judgement Zone” is all about people telling stories of their past and how God delivered them. Danielle Williams-McCord is a writer, Evangelist and empowerment speaker. At the age of 8 she was molested, at 10 her father tried to kill her and at 14 a choir member introduced her into a lifestyle that made her go down the wrong path.

McCord began stripping when she was 14, did pornography at 18 and spoke about how being in a dysfunctional household made her think this is how it was supposed to be. Her breaking point came when she traveled to New York and met with a pimp that locked her up for 3 weeks. While there he beat, raped and did other things.

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She prayed for someone to save her and one day his friend came downstairs to the basement. In her prayer she told God she would leave this lifestyle. McCord went back to LA and got into a mentorship program and then into the ministry. God literally saved her life and she is forever grateful for that. She currently has a book out called “From Porn to the Pulpit” and prays her message helps someone.

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