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Aint Nobody Talking Bout You | Ericaism

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Listen, it’s interesting to me that because of social media, people have  platforms and that word means different things to different people. What quantifies or qualifies a platform is different for everybody. But what I think the enemy has definitely made people start thinking is that everyone is talking about you, everyone sees you and everyone thinks dot…. 


To me, it’s no different than church pre social media. You come to church and you think everybody knows your stuff, and sometimes it’s just not. It’s not everybody. If it’s maybe 3 very chatty people, maybe 4 very messy people. Or maybe just one messy person, but somehow we are drawn to the negative and I don’t know what that is. Y’all help me with that. I don’t understand how people get so. I mean it to me, it’s just a little bit of arrogance to think that everybody is talking to you, talking about you, why they talking about you? 


Do you really feel like what happened is that interesting and everybody wants to know, you know, when you when you don’t have a lot going on in your life then you have space for that when you. You know I how to say it the nice way I’m trying to say it the nice way. OK, get over yourself, please. I love you with all my heart. But I want you to get on with yourself. 

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I want you. Whatever you go through, whatever you deal with, repent and go to God and then keep living your life, right. If there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, don’t make a mission and a purpose and a brand out of your brokenness, right? If God didn’t give that to you to help people, then you’re just trying to circumvent what happened and what went wrong, cause they gonna talk anyway, so I might as well talk about it, no. You literally have to have your ear to Satan’s heart to hear. Who do I want to destroy? With what they went through. And that’s your conversation. 


Come on, y’all. We gots to do better. And I meant to put an S on. Gots, we gots to do better. Don’t get so consumed with yourself that you believe that literally everybody is talking about you first of all presented that we are still a minority black folk and of the church is a smaller minority. So in that number you can’t say everybody because it’s not everybody girl. Everybody was talking. No, it’s a few people. 


I promise you, you can bring your mess to somebody. They’ll be like who are you now? Now what? Who said what? I’m sorry to know nothing about it . With all that I do, I know everybody don’t know me with all that I the music that I put out I when I meet people, I introduce myself. I don’t say, Oh yeah, you know, because I’m from Mary. Oh, and I had a reality show. There’s still somebody that don’t know who. Like I am and that is OK. So if I can process that way, you for sure. God bless you, precious heart. 



It’s not everybody but the most important thing is the enemy has made you feel like it’s everybody he has impacted you and make you made you feel like everybody’s watching you. So you can’t be free, you can’t be delivered. You can’t be over it. You have to run from your life. Listen, you can live anything down. You can lift anything down. Just keep putting 1 foot in front of the other. If God Forgives me, that’s all I need. They may not, but if the scripture says there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, be renewed in your mind, remind yourself of the forgiveness, grace and mercy of God, and walk in your freedom and by all means, stop saying everybody talking. 

It’s a few messy people. That’s it. And guess what, if they all talking? So what? Keep living your life. 



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