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Catholics Mark Beginning Of Lent With Ash Wednesday Services

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Anything we truly love, we will surely invest our time, energy, and attention right into it.  Let’s be real.  There are many different things that we do love, adore, enjoy, and take pleasure in.  There’s nothing wrong with enjoying things of and in life and the blessings (natural, physical, material, and spiritual) of and from God – but when we are giving them more time, energy, and attention than we are giving to God, we end up idolizing those things.  And it’s not even a difficult or complicated thing for us to do; it’s very easy!  Many times we are doing this and nobody had to force us to do it, we do it because we want to.  The question in this devotion is not whether we are going to worship or not, but rather who or what will it be?

Worshiping God is plainly and simply expressing with your heart, mind, spirit, soul, and life that you love, adore, honor, and take pleasure in him above, beyond, and more than anything and anyone else, even yourself!  You’re saying in submission, surrender, and sacrifice, “Here I am, take my life, I give myself away to you Lord.”  We need to worship him because it is our desire, we want to do it, and because HE IS GOD.

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