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The Republican Party can’t seem to shake its racist image, as a GOP candidate remained silent after the social media posts of his campaign spokesman surfaced.

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A paid campaign consultant named Rick Shaftan, who’s working for Corey Stewart’s U.S. Senate bid for Virginia, called three majority-Black cities “shitholes,” among many other racist statements he made on social media over the years that were recently discovered, The Daily Beast reported on Sunday.

“The word #Shithole is an appropriate one to describe this particular shithole,” Shaftan wrote in January above a story about Baltimore replacing a Confederate statue with a memorial of Harriet Tubman. The other two cities on his list are New Orleans and Memphis. His remarks came after President Donald Trump infamously called Haiti and African nations “shithole countries,” adding that he’d prefer Norwegian immigrants entering the country.

Stewart’s communications consultant also called the NAACP “the Black KKK, only more violent and dangerous.” Shaftan’s long list of racist insults also include comparing NFL payers who kneel during the national anthem to monkeys.

“If black ‘leaders’ want better race relations, which of course they don’t, they could start by telling football players to stand for the National Anthem, instead of sitting on the bench eating a banana,” he wrote, according to Roll Call.

Trump’s embrace of the racist far-right wing of his party has encouraged some of them to run for political office. Perhaps the most notable racist candidate endorsed by Trump is former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who’s running for U.S. Senate for Arizona.

Stewart, an open racist, is no stranger to the controversy swirling around him. His campaign came under fire in June after awarding “Volunteer of the Week” to Ian McDonald, who touts his love for neo-Nazism. Stewart won the GOP nomination despite his staunch defense of the Confederacy and warm words for Republican congressional candidate Paul Nehlen, an anti-Semite affiliated with the so-called alt-right who received a Twitter shout out from Trump during his presidential run.


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