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hile thousands of people packed into the Ohio State Fairgrounds Saturday evening to have a good time, safety protocols in place were hard to miss.

Once inside the fairgrounds, dozens of patrol officers both on the ground, and from roof tops to watch for potential problems.

They want it to stay that way until August fifth when it wraps up.

“It does bring reassurance, because you hear about so many things that happen in public areas, so it makes you feel safe there out there” said fair visitor Victoria Smith.

Patrol officers said they work 12-hour shifts around the clock monitoring the Ohio Exposition Center to watch for any suspicious activity.

“The state police and local police are doing a great job, they seem to be all over the place” said Dayton resident Trenton Freeman who spent the day at the fair with his wife and two young sons.

Officers said one problem they see each year are children getting lost from loved ones.

The OSP has information booths at the front gates where parents can obtain bracelets to wear which can be filled out with the youngsters parent’s information.

The patrol said that helps them reconnect families when they get separated in the large crowds.