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It takes  a real man to admit when he is wrong and has a problem.  It takes a God fearing man to use his past mishaps and turn it into a testimony to show the world how God can deliver any one from affliction.   Gospel artist James Fortune opens up to the world through social media app “Periscope” about his overcoming with Domestic Abuse.

Fortune opened up about identifying his problem with Domestic Violence as well as being in therapy for the last 18 months. Fortune gave some insight on Domestic Abuse and advised his viewers that there are several types of Domestic Abuse other then physical.  Periscope viewers commented on Fortune’s video by thanking him for sharing his story and possibly helping them get through similar obstacles.

Courtesy of our sister station Praise 104.7 and the Belle Report, these are the 1st 4 things James stated you need to know when dealing with anger and domestic abuse.

1) Stop blaming other people.  You can’t say, someone did this to me, so I did this to them. You will never get free if you don’t.  You are responsible for your thoughts, feelings and actions”

2) Stop denying the situation.  Denial always involves lying.  Admit you have a problem instead of saying you don’t have a problem.

3) Stop minimizing your issues and trying to make it less than what it really is

4) Stop trying to justify your actions when you know you are trying to control someone.


To Watch The Video, CLICK HERE:

Source: PraiseRichmond.com

James Fortune has been Delivered from Domestic Abuse (Video)  was originally published on praisephilly.com