Comedian Arsenio Hall has denied ever supplying drugs to Prince.

I hope Prince is resting, but I’m not sure if he’s in peace. Did you hear the latest? Well, Arsenio Hall is suing singer, Sinead O’Connor for accusing him of being a long prescription drug supplier to aid Prince in his drug addiction.

via CNN

U.S. comedian Arsenio Hall is suing singer Sinead O’Connor for defamation.This is after she posted a note on Facebook accusing Hall of supplying Prince with drugs “over the decades” and of spiking her with drugs.

The suit, filed in Los Angeles on Thursday, is seeking damages of “not less than” $5 million.
“Desperate, attention seeker Sinead O’Connor has maliciously published outlandish defamatory lies about comedian Arsenio Hall, falsely accusing him of supplying illegal ‘hard drugs’ ‘over the decades’ to the recently deceased music artist, Prince, and of spiking her with drugs once years ago,” the lawsuit says.
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