Christon Gray Talks Making Music, Hip-Hop & The Glory Album!

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Christon Gray 2016
I will never get enough of hearing about the success of Columbus’ own and one of the most humble people I’ve met, Christon Gray. I had a chance to interview him when he dropped “School or Roses.” See what he’s up to now below via
Kirk Franklin recently declared that, “Christon Gray is one of the most exciting, young voices in urban music today.” It’s easy to draw that conclusion after listening to the Columbus, OH singer, songwriter, rapper and producer and his own brand of breakthrough music. Christon isn’t conventional by any measure. His lyrics are enigmatic. His sound is trending and his voice is vigorous. All of it is captured on the delightful new debut called The Glory Album.

Gospel music fans are in for a refreshing new envoy who’s passionate about both the artistry he’s mastered and the ministry he represents with integrity. spoke with Fo Yo Soul recording artist Christon Gray about making music for many audiences, talking Hip-Hop with Kirk Franklin and listening to the greats like Milton Brunson and The Winans as a child.
Christon Gray 2016
Christon Gray

Christopher Heron: When you began your journey as an artist, were you a Hip-Hop artist, a R&B artist, or a Contemporary Christian artist?

Christon Gray: My first album was a mix between Gospel and R&B. I have influences from Gospel, R&B, Soul and Hip Hop but I think I play more to the Soul in Gospel music.  The content of my music was always a Gospel message, a Christian message. Technically it’s always been the first thing. I don’t really associate my sound to Gospel, just my message.
Christopher Heron: Years ago, I stumbled on your music on iTunes and fell in love with the song, Even With Evil With Me, which is a beautiful ballad. On your new album, The Glory Album, you cover a lot of genres and styles of music. How do you classify your sound today?
Christon Gray: The funny thing is when I met Kirk Franklin, he said two things that really surprised me. First thing he said, “I want you to rap more. I love you because you rap.”  He then went through a whole story on how he used to be a break dancer and rapper in the 80’s, how he freestyled.  We were sitting in a recording studio in Atlanta. And he played Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly album. He said it was musical genius. I did not know what to expect when I met the Godfather of modern day Gospel music. So for us to have a conversation that had everything to do with music and nothing to do with the actual genre of Gospel, I felt I was in good hands and I felt like he got it. It’s the same thing with RCA. I want my music to be played on Contemporary Christian radio but I also want to introduce it to the mainstream. I just don’t like the idea of being held in to a single category.  Ultimately, I think we’re creating something new and once there is more autonomy hopefully there is a gain.
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