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Hair Cutting with Fire

Source: NurPhoto / Getty

Let’s face it, hair can be a big subject for Black people.

Barbershops and salons alone are a place for community and hairdo glamour-fication. Clippers are buzzing, hot irons are steaming, and flammable chemicals are set just right to spark your hair ablaze.


And no I’m not talking about a bad perm.

There are literally barbers in this world that are using fire to cut people’s hair.


Now granted, a lot of these hair sites are in places like India thanks to the pyro founder Meet Gala.

According to Metro, he came up with the idea because he wanted to get creative with men’s salon experience.

“Many of his friends wanted to do something new with hair, which obviously shouldn’t harm or damage the hair but should look cool,” said a salon spokesperson.

So I guess fire was settled on as the “cool factor” for Gala’s salon.

And here I thought curling sponges were a watershed moment.

Apparently, Gala developed a chemical with the help of his father, who’s a chemical engineer, that would prevent fire from going wild on someone’s head.

The spokesperson for his salon said it’s completely safe and customers don’t feel a burning sensation. They also said the fire helps remove weak locks and split ends.


The technique has already spread to places like Palestine and the Netherlands.

Kadir Demirel of the Netherlands said, “My customers aren’t scared because they trust me and it’s not painful. I have one customer who is just seven years old and another who is eight.”


I can see the look on a kid’s face now when they learn their first haircut will involve fire.


Professionals did suggest that you talk to a barber first to make sure your hair type is right for the procedure.

This makes me wonder if the kinky and curly folks are safe from these so-called cool flames.


Black people, what do you think? Are you ready to get Hades-fresh for your next big date?


Or is it a no for you.

Can Black People Set Their Hair On Fire To Kill Split Ends?  was originally published on globalgrind.com