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Finally! Season Two of Dear White People is headed to Netflix with a whole new set of important topics to discuss with our caucasian peers.

That got us thinking — if we could ask White people anything, what would it be? Here’s what we came up with. Ya’ll were probably thinking the same things anyway.

If you don’t use washcloths, then what do you wash with?


What’s good with these glasses? Why do you wear them even if you aren’t a biker? Are they magical shades that attract money and block out oppression?



How is it so easy for you to pronounce names like Polanski and McConaughey, but screw up names like  Beyoncé. For the last time, it’s BEE. Not BAY.


What’s up with the two-second long fake smile you give to strangers when they walk by?


Seriously, how good does it feel to be able to yell at your parents and only get grounded — instead of getting slapped into next week?


Why are some of you so threatened by people of color, but you willingly swim with sharks and jump out of planes?


When you wear shorts and T-shirts in freezing cold weather, are you just trolling us, or are you really okay?!


Why the lack of seasoning on your food? Just, why?


If you happen to know the answers to any of these questions, hit up on Facebook and Twitter to share.


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