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Portrait of Lisa Gelobter, co-founder of the startup, tEQuitable.

Source: The Washington Post / Getty


The reason you can send a Gif and catch up on your show anytime.

Lisa Gelobter – Responsible for the development of GIF’s and Online Video Thanks to Lisa we can send and make hilarious GIFs.

Gifs have been an online and social trend for years now and go viral frequently. Even through text GIF’s can give a great response instead of text so much so that apple began to incorporate the option directly in your text screen. Without Lisa, this wouldn’t be a possibility.

Lisa is the computer scientist who developed the animation used to create GIFs, forever changing the way we text, tweet and interact. She’s also responsible for Shockwave and was even a member of the senior management team for the launch of Hulu. Lisa has over 25 years of experience and products that are being used by all of us currently. The Chief Digital Service Officer in the U.S. Digital Service Department of Education in the White House and formerly acted as the Chief Digital Officer for BET Networks and was a senior manager for the launch of Hulu. She is the genius that began the rise of online video and shockwave. Shockwave is the technology that helped develop Shockwave — the 1995 essential technology that led to the creation of interactive multimedia, web animation, and video games. Lisa also co-founded a company that uses tech to make work environments more equitable. tEQuitable provides a platform to address harassment, discrimination, and bias that is confidence in the workplace. As the acting CEO this is Lisa’s most recent venture.

As of today, Lisa was named one of Ins Top 100 Female Founders and she remains to bring forth innovation and change to the tech industry every day.

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