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One thing about conservatives: They pretend to be against “identity politics” and “playing the race card” until Black conservatives are being attacked. Then, all of a sudden, it’s more about them being Black than it is about their ideology.

Ben Carsonthe former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development who always looks like he’s just waking up from a deep slumber and he’s not quite sure if he’s still dreaming or not—is the latest example of this revisionist nonsense. During a Fox News interview, Carson accused “the left” of attempting “to divide the Black community” by attacking Black conservatives and, specifically, Herschel Walker.

“Well of course he’s going to receive criticism because you have to recognize that there has been an attempt to divide the Black community since slavery,” Carson said. “You’d tell the slaves that worked in the house they were better than the ones in the yard, the ones in the yard that they were better than the ones in the field. After slavery, the light-skinned ones were better than the medium-skinned ones.”

What the hell does any of that have to do with Herschel?

Carson—the guy who consistently looks like he buys all his medication from Snoop Dogg—has compared attacks on Black conservatives to slavery before. Of course, he’s also claimed systemic racism isn’t real, but apparently, that only applies to non-conservative Black people. But no, I’m sure he’s actually deeply concerned about the Black community being divided. 

Also, I’m not sure what the “divide” in the Black community that Carson perceives has to do with all that encompasses “the left” when the vast majority of Black people decided for themselves that they don’t like Walker. And why should we?

I’m a Black man. If I find conservative ideology to be abhorrent, which I do, why shouldn’t I have the same disdain for Walker that I do for white conservatives? If I consider conservatism to be an off-shoot of white supremacy, which I do, why shouldn’t I consider Herschel Walker and Ben “Rip Van Negro” Carson to be Black sockpuppets for white nationalism? It’s almost as if there’s an expectation that we support Walker just because he’s Black, which would be “identity politics,” which Carson denounces until it’s time to play the race card on behalf of Black conservatives.

I’m just really tired of right-wingers insinuating that Black non-conservatives don’t have minds of our own and are being duped by the ubiquitous “left.”

I also tire of the idea that conservatives don’t attack progressives just as much as the reverse. And when white conservatives and progressives are attacking each other, is anyone concerned about division in the white community, or does that paradigm only apply to Black people?

To be fair, Carson addressed both sides of the ideological divide. According to Fox News, “Carson added that the problem was linked to the divide between liberals and conservatives across the country today, with each side calling the others traitors and keeping the country from working together to actually solve problems.”

Then he immediately went on to disparage the opposing side of the “ideological divide.”

“Well, one thing that’s very different now than two years ago is that people have had an opportunity to see what the agenda of the leftists are and where it’s heading. So you’d have to be pretty blind not to recognize that it’s going in a direction that’s completely antithetical to the principles of the founding of this country,” he said. “We get to make a very clear choice: Do we like America and do we like what America stands for? Or do we want to go somewhere else? And that’s what’s really different this time around.”

He also said “talking common sense versus ideology,” in regards to progressive versus conservative politics.” In other words: We need to learn to work together, but also conservatives rule, and progressives drool.

In fact, in all of my sifting through Carson’s hypocrisy, I almost forgot to mention that he proudly served under arguably the most polarizing and racially divisive president in modern history. Y’all know him—the rusty tangelo-colored guy who referred to Haiti and African nations as “sh*thole countries and told Black and brown congresswomen to go back where they came from, despite them all being born and/or raised in America.

If Black conservatives refuse to stop being lapdogs for white nationalism, the least they could do is be consistent.


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