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A recent tweet has sparked a lot of controversy today.

A local Planned Parenthood office in Pennsylvania used Twitter to express the changes needed for Disney Princess Characters.  The tweet has now been deleted but the tweet requested we have Disney princesses with more realistic lifestyles such as transgender and abortion patient etc.


With the use of technology and easy access to the internet for children, I can understand the desire to educate our children with the ways of the world. In my opinion, Planned Parenthood wants children to adjust to the real troubles of the world with the use of animated characters. My only concern is what age is appropriate to discuss abortion or sexuality such as transgender and other LGBT?

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I know the one thing I’ve heard the older generation say to the younger generation is  ” At your age, we weren’t allowed to do this or that”. Saying things like this only hinders us because it’s a lot of things that won’t be the same 5 years or 10 years from now so maybe its time to change things. Having a conversation about abortion or other uncomfortable conversations won’t take away or shorten a child’s innocent or youth. If anything it will allow for the child to become more aware of their environment and decisions to make in life.

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