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I am pretty sure we have all seen a child with the silver caps on their teeth and some of us have formed our own opinions based on the outer appearance. The first thought that comes to mind for me is the responsibility of the parent. Should child neglect become the next thought?

Apparently, that is what it was identified as for Trey Hoyumpa, a mother of two in Stroudsburg, PA after receiving a letter from Smiles 4 Keeps. The letter addressed the recent visit for her two children, ages 12 and 9, both were diagnosed with a total of seven cavities.

Smiles 4 Keeps letter states “According to law, failure to bring your child for dental care is considered neglect. Pennsylvania Act 31 (Child Abuse Reporting and Recognition Requirements) states that health care providers must report your failure to bring your child to the dentist for evaluation and care. … To keep your child as healthy as possible and avoid a report to state authorities, please call Smiles 4 Keeps immediately to schedule a treatment appointment within the next 30 days.”

Troy shares on her facebook that she wasn’t able to schedule a same-day appointment for both children to receive treatment for fill-ins. Smiles 4 Keeps sent the letter because she never shared with them the new practice she would be taking the children to.

Oral hygiene is very important and I do find it neglectful for a parent to not teach their child the importance of caring for their teeth. What do you think? Comment Below!


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