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Dr. Barbara Williams Skinner

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There are several key elections in battleground states across the country and in those areas there are a lot of uneasy votes going to the polls. With new restrictive voter laws in place, it’s important for us to know our rights and what to expect when we go to cast our ballot today. Dr. Barbara Williams Skinner, former director of the Congressional Black Caucus and now the coordinator of Faiths United to Save Democracy stops by the Get Up Church to let us know what we need to know to vote during today’s midterm elections.


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TJ: You know, it’s a lot at stake today. And you are working with a group of diverse faith leaders in the battleground states to protect voters at the polling locations today, briefly tell us about the mission of Faiths United to Save Democracy and the chaplains that many of us will see when we head to the polls today.

Dr. Barbara: Faiths United to Save Democracy is really just faith in action. It is understood that justice is for the poor, the elderly, the disabled, for black, brown, Asian Native Americans, and returning citizens who have a problem voting if that is God’s business, then it’s the business of people of faith. So we have people of faith across the country. Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Quaker, old, young, Urban Suburban, out there. 700, over 700 have been recruited and trained over the last year, to be able to go out and stand in the gap stand as a calming force and stand as a peaceful presence in chaos. It’s literal chaos out there. People don’t know if their rights are going to be secure after the day or not. If they’ll be able to vote after the day or not? If they’ll have Social Security if they’ll have Medicare if they’ll ever be fair policing. Will student loans will ever be decreased? That’s what’s at stake in this midterm with over 44 million people have voted early because they understand that democracy is literally at stake.

GRIFF: Dr. Skinner is important that we know our voter’s rights, especially today. But what should people do if they experience any problems at the polls today?

Dr. Barbara: They should call 1-866-687-8683. I’ll repeat that 1-866-687-8683 That’s one that’s 866-Our-vote and they can talk to, and leave their complaints or concerns. There’ll be answered by voice by people who are their lawyers across the country election protection lawyers, with the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights who’ve been at this for well over 25 years, to know how to protect their votes.

Erica: you so much for being with us today. Before we wrap tell us about the toolkit you created for voters that’s available at

Dr. Barbara: The toolkit tells you exactly what to do. If you are not sure if you are registered. Has your vote been purged? If you moved if you are military if you need a wheelchair, if you need a language interpreter, you get that at You go to the toolkit and you go ready. In fact, you can get ready even today. You can take somebody with you call somebody if you’re driving through the get a, you know, a morning breakfast, ask the person waiting on you Have you voted there are a lot of ways for us to make sure democracy is secure.

Erica: Thank you so much for joining us today. Is there any last thing you’d like to leave with our listeners today?

Dr. Barbara: Yes, young people need to vote. This is their future. We’re not handing them a calm and peaceful country. We’re handing them chaos. But they have to take their stake in and I’m loving the fact that in many states, young people, millennials and Gen Z voters, they’re going out early and I want them to keep it up. And I’m encouraged by their commitment to democracy.




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