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A conservative group affiliated with former Trump advisor Stephen Miller is targeting Black voters and other communities of color with disinformation ahead of the midterm election. Reportedly, Miller’s America First Legal Foundation sent mailers making anti-trans claims.

Some Black voters in the Atlanta metro area reported receiving the mailers, which featured headlines from far-right outlets, the Daily Wire and the Daily Signal, alongside a picture of President Joe Biden. America First Legal Foundation claims that young girls are being harmed by the Biden administration’s “transgender agenda.”

The headlines provide no context and seek to generalize a broader brushstroke to all transgender people.

“Are you uncomfortable with your daughter sharing the bathroom or locker room with men…Joe Biden wants men in girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms and sports leagues,” reads the mailer.

NOBODY advocates for grown men to share the same space with young girls, let alone for them to be harmed. Like when conservatives falsely claimed the president was handing out crack pipes to Black people —he wasn’t, not even close—this is the latest attempt to make people tune out in disgust.

Black voters have been targeted by conservative-leaning groups in the past several elections, from fake robocalls to disinformation on social media. The blanket targeting of Black voters shows it’s not an attempt at real engagement but just spreading inflammatory rhetoric.

James Woodall, a former president of the Georgia NAACP and an organizer with the Southern Center for Human Rights, received the mailer in his individual capacity as a Black male voter in the state.

“It is despicable that Black voters are being targeted with hateful and discriminatory attacks through election mail,” Woodall told NewsOne. “This is another way to discourage voters because of such vitriol. But we will not be deterred from voting for the issues and candidates that will improve the material condition of the community.”

It’s the same voter suppression, just a new day and a different tactic.

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A radio spot repeating similar claims began running on V103 in Atlanta. While several political ads are running on the station, the ad from America First Legal Foundation repeats outlandish claims about Biden and “the left” putting girls in danger in favor of transgender people.

Biden and “the left” aren’t putting children in danger by protecting transgender rights

Earlier this year, the Biden-Harris administration announced a statement recognizing Transgender Day of Visibility along with several commitments. The administration has tried to include equity across the federal government.

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The mailer and radio spot try to rile people up with disingenuous claims about men being in the bathroom with little girls or protecting the sanctity of girls’ sports. The same people who claim to be all in favor of freedom and limited government continue to insert themselves in ways that limit our freedom.

To be clear, the Biden administration isn’t forcing any services or practices on children and their families. But some states like Texas have taken it upon themselves to interfere with family decisions on these matters. The Biden administration’s efforts came in response to attacks on transgender youth by various state governments.

As reported by the Texas Tribune, “transgender children who have access to gender-affirming care have much lower rates of considering suicide than those without access, according to medical experts.” Under Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, the state began investigating parents of transgender children.

Miller and America First Legal Foundation are also behind one of the lawsuits that blocked historic aid to Black farmers after decades of discrimination. America First Legal Foundation and groups like the Pacific Legal Foundation and the Wisconsin Institute for Law oppose any measure that would address longstanding harm based on race.

Conservative groups spread disinformation and sow division ahead of midterm elections 

America First Legal Foundation is behind divisive ads in several states invoking strong feelings with a mixture of exaggerated claims. A national political correspondent for Time Magazine tweeted her husband received a mailer from the organization linking Biden with anti-Asian discrimination.

Another organization called Citizens for Sanity has been posting similarly exaggerated claims and released an anti-trans ad in Spanish. The group also falsely tweeted that Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock voted to defeat an amendment to keep violent criminals behind bars citing Rollcall Vote No. 304. But a quick search reveals the vote in question was along party lines and blocked an attempt by Sen. Marco Rubio to add unrelated measures to the Inflation Reduction Act.

Even West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin stood with the party and voted against the Rubio maneuver. Republicans claimed they wanted to add money to “fight crime.” Part of the excessive government spending Republicans and their supporters complain about went to law enforcement agencies allegedly for public safety. Funding for COVID-19 recovery in the American Rescue Plan, which Rubio and other Republicans did not support, went to police and public safety.

The real question for Citizens for Sanity, which claims to care about common sense, is why would Rubio and other Republican senators vote against reducing insulin costs and other measures to help provide some economic relief to impacted people around this country. At some point, it needs to be people over priorities.

Although Citizens for Sanity claims it is unaffiliated with America First Legal Foundation, they have overlapping members of leadership. According to Open Secrets, three former Trump administration officials from America First Legal Foundation formed Citizens for Sanity. Both groups have posts and ads targeting several races in multiple other states.


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