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Whether it’s family, friends, co-workers, or associates, relationships are vital. Long-Lasting relationships with these people are important but we know it comes without some trials and tribulations. Bryan Carter, author and Pastor of Concord Church in Dallas Texas just released his new book “Made to Last: 8 Principles to Build Long Lasting Relationships” and he stopped by the Get Up Church to give us some tips to help in our journey.

What inspired Pastor Carter to write the book? Carter says “You know, at the end of the day, what I’ve discovered is that relationships are really the most one of the most important parts of our lives, right? What is what our family or friends mean, they make life what it is. And so my goal behind writing made alliances was simply to help people to have and build healthy relationships, right? We don’t always know we don’t know. And so I’m using God’s word and using just life experience, I just want to help us all just the bill relate. So if you want to grow your relationships, the book is for you.”







Pastors Carter Describes Three Type Of People In Relationships:


In some of our research, I’ve discovered there are these three groups. So “walls” are people that are withdrawn, they’ve been hurt in the past, and they’ve done trust issues. So it’s really hard to kind of connect with them, right? So they put up this wall, that’s one group.

The second group was like people that are “free,” right? They really don’t have boundaries, right? They let everyone in, they believe the best about everybody jump into things, no costume.

But then the last group are “fences.” And those are people that you know, the fence, you can see through it, right what everybody’s doing here, right? And so you’re letting the right people in, right? And then you’re keeping the wrong people at the right people at a distance that’s keeping the wrong people at a distance. So you can be emotionally healthy. And so trust is really a privilege, right? You don’t earn it. You don’t just have it as a ride. You’ve got an array to be able to get close to us.


How Does Knowing Your Type Impact Your Relationships?

So if you want to build relationships, I have to make sure that I’m willing to spend time with people to connect with people, right? That I’m seeking to build healthy relationships. Everybody doesn’t deserve to be on the front row of your life, right? You got to figure it out. God helped me to figure out who those people need to be close to spending the most time with need to be connected to and all those people that I need to protect myself from so knowing your type helps you and then Lord, help keep me from being a wall, right? You don’t want to be a wall that’s keeping everybody that distance? No, do you want to be a free person that’s, that’s jumping into every relationship, wisdom and direction about how to manage and grow in all our relationships.


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