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Black Man Hailed As Hero in Los Angeles

Source: Allen J. Schaben / Getty


An unidentified Black man is receiving praise in the Los Angeles area for preventing a carjacking incident that reportedly targeted an elderly Asian man.


On Friday, a community organization called Black and Asian Souls took to Instagram with a video post of the incident. The footage, which shows the aftermath of the attack, captures a good samaritan, pointing a handgun at the alleged carjacker, forcing him to walk away from the victim.

“Get the f*ck off my street!,” he shouts at the suspect before firing a warning shot. “You come around here bullying people on my f*cking street, n*gga?”

At one point in the video, the good samaritan can be seen throwing the Asian man’s car keys back to him before demanding the suspect to walk away. “You come around here bullying people on my f*cking street, n*gga?” he says, before pushing the carjacker off the street.

While the footage appears to be going viral now, the incident reportedly occurred back in late April near the south intersection of Wilshire and Ridgely in Los Angeles’ Miracle Mile area. “This video was provided by a resident, to one of my fellow LAPD volunteers,” Thao Train, a representative of Miracle Mile Zone 7, told Next Shark, according to Yahoo News. “When I reviewed the video, I felt strongly that it had to be shared.”


Social media reacts to the viral video

People across social media are now commending the young Black man in the white shirt for his heroic deed. After the video went viral on Friday, social media exploded with positive reactions to the clip.

“How nice to see neighbors watching out for each other and keeping peace in the community,” wrote one person on YouTube. “Good for this guy for pushing the bad guy right out of the neighborhood. We need more of this in our communities.”

Another user commented, “That young man is a hero. Don’t matter the color of the skin of the victim, we need to protect the innocent especially the elderly. Give that man a medal.”

Former congressional candidate Barrington Martin II called the man’s heroic action “a win for masculinity, the second amendment and good deeds.”

“This is the type of behavior that’s needed in EVERY community in America to exile the sickness of people who are doing the damage to our communities,” he added.

The courageous video comes following a tough spot for Black and Asian relations. At the height of the pandemic, viral videos and images of Black male perpetrators committing acts of violence against people within the Asian community began to explode. The hateful imagery forged a wedge between both sides creating a false narrative of asian-phobia in the Black community.

Three-quarters of anti-Asian hate crimes involved white perpetrators

While Black and Asian crime incidents appeared to be on the rise, in 2021, Janelle Wong, a professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park, released a study that revealed more than three-quarters of offenders of anti-Asian hate crimes and incidents, from both before and during the pandemic, involved white perpetrators, contrary to many of the images circulating online.

“Wong examined nine sources and four types of data about anti-Asian hate incidents, including from the reporting forum Stop AAPI Hate, Pew Research, as well as official law enforcement statistics, the majority of them spanning the year and a half when the #StopAAPIHate hashtag was trending,” NBC noted.”

One study that contributed misleading information about the issue was an article published by The American Journal of Criminal Justice. The study, which documented hate crime data between 1992 and 2014, found that compared to anti-Black and anti-Latino hate crimes, a higher proportion of perpetrators of anti-Asian hate crimes were people of color. However, 75 percent of perpetrators were actually white, according to data found by the University of Michigan.

“The way that the media is covering and the way that people are understanding anti-Asian hate at this moment, in some ways, draws attention to these long-standing anti-Asian biases in U.S. society,” Wong told NBC News. “But the racist kind of tropes that come along with it — especially that it’s predominantly Black people attacking Asian Americans who are elderly — there’s not really an empirical basis in that.”

Wong added, “This is really how crime is framed in the United States — it’s framed as the source is Black.”


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