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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This a saying that has been around for many years and little do some know, Satan using one item that is close to Christians to hinder them: The Bible. Pastor YPJ, the Senior Pastor of Faith Alive Ministries in South Bend, Indiana, and a Grammy-nominated singer join the Get Up Church to break down how Satan uses God’s book against us.








Erica: The number one thing that Satan uses to hinder church people is the Bible. Let’s talk about how Satan will try to use scripture to confuse the flesh

Pastor YPJ: Absolutely. You know, the Bible says that while Jesus was in a season of fasting and prayer, Satan came to him and he immediately tried to use the scripture to confuse his flesh. The Bible says that he use Psalms 91, he said, Jesus, if you’re really the Son of God, I want you to jump off this cliff because the Bible says this is what he said. And your Word says that the angels won’t allow you to dash your foot against the stone. But what Satan was doing is called Eisah Jesus, where you take a Bible verse, and you twist it to me what you want it to mean. And Jesus said, No, that’s not what it means. In Psalms 91. He says, He will protect you as you go, which means as long as you’re in purpose, you’re safe, but you don’t step out of purpose to prove a point to demons.

And so Satan was trying to manipulate him but Jesus had the authority and the words to stop him in his tracks. And the enemy will do that. The Bible says that Paul was teaching Timothy that in the last day, men will follow the doctrine of demons, meaning that there will be false teachers who pretend to be apostles pretend to be pastors, and leaders and they will manipulate people’s minds with the Word of God for their own personal power control and benefit. And we’ve seen that where there are those with Eisah Jesus manipulated the word, they got women afraid to preach, they’ve got various individuals believing that they can’t be saved because they’re not a part of an organization. These are all manipulative tactics, to divide the body. So I just really wanted to show people that the enemy will come in the form of war, but he’s in sheep’s clothing. And the Bible says Satan comes as an angel of light. We all know he’s a deceiver. So yeah, he’ll try to use that Bible, but when you know the word you put him in his place.



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