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No textbook, No grades, optional homework and any topic that interest you – That is and has been the dream for many students attending grades K-12. This has also been a wish for those that found out you would never use algebra! – I HAVE NEVER USED ALGEBRA.  Well, surprisingly there is a school that exists and has answered the complaints of many parents and students.

Columbus Learning Cooperative is an alternative learning center that doesn’t use standardized testing, grade leveling and homework is optional. CLC classes range from ages 10 -18 and roughly has small class sizes that will discuss anything from poetry to biology. If a student is uninterested in a particular subject, the student has the choice to work on another interest.

Colleges such as Ohio State will accept students from self-guided school such as CLC. To make matters even better the school is all year-round and students get a week of vacation per month.

I hope this change takes place globally as the form of education has not changed with time. Self-guided education also instills our future with the ability to teach themselves and find gratification within understanding not grading.  I wonder if this new form of education will end Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder?

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