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How do you define the “Domesticated Wife”?

Does she only cook three full course meals a day, keeps the house spotless and makes sure the kids are all the way together?

Oh, is it her rubbing hubby’s feet and always sacrifices her needs for her family?

The “Domesticate Wife” has changed over the years as more women celebrate independence and shared responsibility in the household. These changes have allowed society to say ” You will always be single because of that or this is how you get and keep a man”. My favorite one is the word”intimidating”, it’s intimating for a woman to not want to sweat in a kitchen every day and get out here and work. Yeah Ok!


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Even as a female enters her early adulthood it’s stressed the importance of learning certain things to satisfy her man or get a man. We see women all over the world such as Michelle Obama having it all without having to conform to gender roles.  Your wife is not your mother and men want to compare his mother’s relationship with his lover which in my opinion is the worst thing to do. The question is – What are men being taught to be a great husband?

Yes, a man does have the pressures of being a financial provider for his family and if he is seen being anything less than that it is considered weak and voiceless. These sex roles must shift as the world has changed with the cost of living and the prerequisites for more lucrative positions. Let teach our men that its helpful for us to work together in operating a household and in other areas of a union. Men offer to help cook once or twice a week and get the clothes out of the dryer before she gets home.  Just like it takes two tango – it takes two to make a thing go RIGHT!

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