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How many of us have them?! For the most part, we all have someone we tell our inner thoughts and experience to, but should you tell them everything? Some secrets are best kept to ourselves, right? I’ll give three things you shouldn’t tell your friends:

1. Your Relationship  

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You talk to your friend very often so it can be difficult to not want to tell her how hubby just pissed you off for whatever reason! Don’t do it! The main reason is that you will eventually get over it and if you don’t need her to help you move out, what is the real purpose of sharing that moment that won’t matter in a few hours or days.

2. Family Problems 

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This topic can get tricky because the best to learn about someone is to know who helped raise them. Family problems are a ongoing issue and unless your friend is a counselor or therapist, it’s really wasted air to get them to understand how Uncle Gary cant be around his brother without it causing a war.

3. Your Finance

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Source: PeopleImages / GettyMost of us have this notion that friends are supposed to help you when you go through tough times, this may be true but I  don’t think your friend is supposed to help with money. It can be the start of ending your friendship because everyone handles money differently. Aside from pride and ego, your friend will offer off the kindness of their heart and its really up to you to decide if you really want to accept that.

Every friendship is different and for some, you may be able to go to them depending on the character of that friend. We all need someone to express ourselves to just make sure it’s not everyone!  Comment below if you agree with any of these reasons!

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