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I walked into work on a Monday morning to find one of my co-workers absolutely beaming with joy. As I made my way over to talk to her, she lifted her left hand and flashed the most gorgeous diamond engagement ring! As I regained my sight, we both went into complete giddiness and she briefly shared the details of the proposal and she shared a little bit about this obviously wonderful man. As she shared, I listened to her chronicle their relationship and how a series of events and life changes led them to each other.

She spoke of the beauty of their courtship and how it had so richly blessed her life. She continued to radiate joy as she looked at me and said….” Marsha, things between us have been so wonderful, it’s too good, not to be God”. As she uttered those words something in my spirit leaped at the vastness of that statement! How many times in our lives have we shared the excitement about what God is doing in our lives with others only to hear the  ole statement “Be careful! That sounds too good to be true!”

I stood there in complete awe of her words and realized that with one statement my co-worker completely shattered that notion and forever changed my thoughts about God and his ability to literally BLOW OUR MINDS with blessings we never dreamed or believed possible.

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