Image result for Columbus motorcycle clubs walking neighborhoods to keep students safe

It definitely takes a village to keep our communities safe. According to Fox 28, Columbus motorcycle clubs are fighting back against violence in the city.

For some club members, it all starts with a step.

“We are not here to do the police’s job. We are here to police our community for ourselves,” said one club member, Sean Stevenson.

It’s violence and a passion to stop it that’s bringing them together.

“I just brought my daughter because she is an example of it can be done,” said another club member, Kana Stokes.

ABC 6/FOX 28 met up with them near South High School where on nearby streets police were called two days in a row this week.

“We want the kids to know we are not going to tolerate that this summer or during the school year,” said Stevenson.

On Wednesday, police said they were out in the area on a gun call, then on Thursday, it was a shooting. Police believe a fight turned into gunfire, likely involving young people. While they don’t believe anyone was injured, one person was taken into custody.

Men like Sean have been there.

“It’s not a good life,” he said. “It wasn’t fun. I don’t promote it and I try to tell people to stay away from it.”

They spent the afternoon making their presence known. Members said they don’t think there are enough mentors for young people.

“Walking around surveying the area, walking with the kids, going through they alleys,” said Stevenson.

The group said they will be back in the neighborhood Monday.

“All they want is to be recognized and loved, something they are probably not getting at home, not saying that all parents are bad parents,” said another member Mr. Pony, “but, it has to start somewhere and it starts with us. It starts with all us right here.”

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