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New Jersey’s Democratic Sen. Cory Booker has made some moves reminiscent of President Barack Obama, which could be seen as a sign that he’s preparing for his own presidential run in 2020. In the latest hint that he has his eyes set on the White House, Booker posted a tweet Tuesday that has a number of implications for his political aspirations.

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By vowing to shun big money donations, Booker signaled to supporters that he will rely on their financial backing. Obama created the template for riding a wave of small donations into the Oval Office. Almost half of the former president’s donors gave $200 or less for his 2011 reelection campaign, setting a record at that time. That high level of grassroots support translated into votes.

Here are a few other signs that it’s only a matter of time before Booker throws his hat in the ring:

Booker downplayed his interest

During an exclusive interview with IOne family’s WRNB’s Quincy Harris Morning Show, Booker said: “My intention is to run for reelection. I’m not going to play coy. I’d definitely consider it (a presidential run).” It seems that whenever politicians downplay their interest in winning the White House, that means they’re definitely in the hunt. Remember when Obama said the same thing?

Fired up the base

In this memorable moment, Booker gave voice to the rage that the Democratic base feels toward President Trump’s racism. He berated Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen when she denied hearing Trump’s “shithole countries” remark.

Campaigned for Democrat

Booker displayed his growing popularity by campaigning for Alabama Democrat Doug Jones. A few months earlier, Obama did the same thing in a close race in Virginia.

Sounded presidential

The New Jersey Democrat broke with tradition and spoke out against the nomination of Jeff Sessions for attorney general. He seized the moment to deliver an Obama-style speech for the rights of Blacks, women and the LGBT community.


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