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Marvel’s Black Panther hits theaters Friday and judging by the pre-sale ticket numbers (over $180 million) it’s evident that it’s going to be the company’s heaviest hitter to date. The main reason being that in addition to fanatic comic book nerds, Black Panther has caught the attention of an audience that’s unlike the typical Marvel fanbase.

Everyday Black folks are onboard this time around and it’s exciting to see so many of us taking part in a universe that has entertained Black Panther’s core fans for the past 52 years.

Black Panther boasts a predominantly Black cast, another reason why it has resonated so strongly within our community. There’s a mix of young and older Black Hollywood actors, making BP the first superhero film to have Black characters who aren’t just sidekicks or back-up to a dominant White hero.

In fact, the main characters in Black Panther break every stereotypical rule in Tinseltown. Here we have beautiful characters of beautiful talents with beautiful minds. Flaws and all.

If you haven’t already, it’s strongly suggested that you watch the Captain America: Civil War movie. It introduces Black Panther and will catch you up on his character’s histor

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