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I’ve often found myself labelling other people as being ‘wise’ or ‘having wisdom beyond their years’. This label is usually awarded because they’d either made a decision that I thought was tactical, or said something that I thought was profound. Hence, I’d reach into my bag of adjectives and pull out the age old descriptive: ‘he/she is wise’. But have you ever wondered if you’d be considered by those around you to be a wise person? Let’s take a look at what the Bible has to say about this godly attribute.

In the Book of Exodus, Moses is given the task of leading the Israelites out of Egypt and being a prophet unto them, reacquainting them with the principles of their God. Embedded within his mandate was the construction of the tabernacle where the people would meet with God in worship. The building of the tabernacle was not a light task. It had certain divine specifications that had to be met in order to fulfill God’s vision for His designated place of meeting. As a result, God handpicked the workmen. Yes, that’s right, He picked each man Himself and placed within them the wisdom they needed to accomplish their specific tasks (Exodus 31:1-6).

Now, in today’s world, an architect or handyman is usually selected on the virtue of his license, his experience, his skill, and his training. But having the wisdom of God is not usually a requirement. In fact, godly wisdom is not typically a prerequisite on most of our job descriptions. Yet, being endowed with wisdom from God is paramount in the accomplishment of so many of our daily tasks and decision making.

So what did God mean when He said, “I have filled [the workman] with the Spirit of God, in wisdom”? (Exodus 31:3). According to the following verses, wisdom from the Spirit of God was a necessary ingredient in order for the men to “make all that [God had commanded Moses].” Does that mean they were not skilled, talented, or well trained? No, it means that despite their highly esteemed qualifications, without godly wisdom they would not have the ability to understand and fulfill God’s will.

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